Demo Projects
#Loops #Clusters
This is to compare fzBLE with seven popular cluster validity indices: CWB, FS, PBMF, BR, XB, PC, PE.
  1. Select "Gene expression" if the input data are gene expression levels;
  2. Select the number of trial fuzzy partitions under "Loops";
  3. Select the range of cluster# and data dimensions using "#Clusters" and "#Dim";
  4. Enter the input under "Data", or select "Data" command;
  5. Select "Run" command to run the benchmark. Results will be reported on this webpage.
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Thanh Le and Katheleen J. Gardiner, 2011. A validation method for fuzzy clustering of gene expression data, Proc. Intl' Conf. on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Vol. 1, pp. 23-29.
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