Demo Projects
#Trials #Clusters
This is to compare fzPBI with popular algorithms: PDS, OCS, NPS, FCMimpute, CIAO, FCMGOimpute.
  1. Select the number of trials using the data with missing values under "Trials;
  2. Set the data dimensions and #clusters under "#Dim" and "#clusters" respectively;
  3. Enter the data under "Data", or select "Data" command to generate simulated dataset;
  4. Select "Run" command to run the benchmark;Results will be reported on this webpage.
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Thanh Le, Tom Altman and Katheleen Gardiner, 2012, Probability-based imputation method for fuzzy cluster analysis of gene expression microarray data, Proc. Intl' Conf. on Information Technology-New Generations, pp. 42-47.
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