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Motif length
 DNA motif  Palindromes
This applies HIGEDA for motif finding in biological sequences.
  1. Select "DNA sequences" for nucleotide sequence, or to be detected automatically;
  2. Set the number of iterations of the HGA algorithm under "#Pops";
  3. Enter the length of motifs to search under "Motif length";
  4. Enter the sequence set under "Data", or select "Data" command for simulated sequences;
  5. Select "Run" command to search for motif. Results will be reported on this webpage.
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Thanh Le, Tom Altman and Katheleen Gardiner, 2010. HIGEDA: A hierarchical gene-set genetic based algorithm for finding subtle motifs in biological sequences, Bioinformatics, Vol. 26, pp. 302-309.
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